free space available on Apple 4S 16Gig IPhone

I want to use iphone to check emails when i am outside and to do internet surfing.

I am plannig to buy Apple 4GS(AT &T service )  with 16 GB .

This one:

I will also have AT&T Navigator(SM) for iPhone installed on that iphone.

My question is after buying this 16GB iphone(and installing AT &T navigator) how much free space will I get on that Iphone? Like how much space is the apple-operation system (iOS ) occupying etc...

thanks a lot

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On my iPhone4 (not S) 16GB it shows 13.72GB in total.. so you would probably have that much to use as well...
larry urbanDevOps EngineerCommented:
with just the OS and the nav installed you will have over 15G of space.
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