Power Issues to server room want to connect to generator

We have had some APC units fail recently and would like to not use APC's at all, segregate the server room from the rest of the building, i.e. it would have its own panel and dedicated circuits, and connect to a generator.  The panel would have a surge protector on it and a line conditioner.  The electrician said that if the building lost power, there would be a 90 - 120 second power lapse before the generator realized there was no power.  Does anyone know of anything other than an APC that could supply power until the generator kicked on and started providing power?  Let me know if I am not being clear.  TIA
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There will have to be some sort of UPS to buffer the lapse of power until the generator starts unless you keep it running 24 X 7.

It doesn't need to be APC brand though.  If you've already picked a generator brand you may want to start there to see if they recommend one they know works well with their product.

Are you looking for alternative brand recommendations?  APC is a common name of course.  Check Eaton Power?
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Here's one source:http://www.generac.com/Industrial/  There are others.  Your electrician is not aware of industrial grade solutions.  But they are probably Not cheap.
HumongousAuthor Commented:
Thanks much
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