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We are having an issue with an Access 2007 database, on the design view of a form/subform (see image 1) and then going to Properties on that design view, we go to the "..." icon on the "record origin" or record source (I don't have the english version, see image 2) we go to a panel where we have the table and we choose records to be shown (see image 3).

We can add records by double clicking on them and we can see in the lower panel the field is added, but when we save, the change is not made. Why can this happen?

the change can be made via query, but it's not the best way to work and it should work both ways.
 design view in form/subform record source or origin wher the error happens
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I think you have a typo in your above comment - the problem you cite is exactly the same as the resolution you described.

But in short, yes...

Explained -

You need to close the query buider first, since it defines the RecordSource property.  When you change the query you will be prompted with a "Save? Yes/No" type of message, which alerts you to the fact that changing the query will change the form or report's Recordsource property.  

If you close the property sheet first, there is no 'connection' between the recordsource property and the query you are modifying in the builder.  So when you close the query builder, there is no longer any specific property for that query to be applied to (any changes are effectively thrown away)
AxlTrautsAuthor Commented:
I found what seems to be an answer:

We used to first close the Properties windows and then close the Query Generator (the left window), or not closing the Properties windows at all.
When we close the Properties window first before closing the Query Generator (or "Generador de Consultas" in spanish) it works.

If you can confirm me this, i'd appreciate it :)
AxlTrautsAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much. It seemed to be a bug or badly designed, but it makes sense.
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