What are the SOA settings in DNS

Does the Primary DNS servers SOA serial number need to be lower than other DNS servers?

For Primary Server, do you enter the Primary DNS or is this supposed to be one of the other servers?

Also, what are the reccomended settings, not default, for refresh, retry, expire and minimum TTL

This is on Windows Server 2003, R2, running DNS

Thanks in advance for your help!
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SOA Serial is incremented on the primary name server whenever a change is made and is used for other DNS server to compare if new changes need to be replicated

Primary Server can be PDC or any DNS server in domain

Recommended settings depend on your network and bandwidth:

Refresh (the time that a secondary name server gets a copy of the zone and the next time it checks to see if it needs a new copy) - 5 mins

Retry (primary name server should wait, if an attempt to refresh failed, before making another attempt to refresh) - in stable network is not required - 5 mins

Expires (the secondary name server know how long they can hold the information before it is no longer considered authoritative) - 7 days

TTL (the records in the zone are valid for) - 30 mins
Lakebum32Author Commented:
Thanks for the quick response.  I've implemented the time interval changes you reccomended.  I'm running down some DNS issues and this helps me eliminate some of the possibilities.
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