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I'm looking for a little advise...

I've been optimising websites with the help of IBP for a while now, and generally it works quite weel, however one thinhg that I've never really picked up is link building...

Now I know (or believe) that you can get burnt if you buy links,...

Is this true? Are there any quick link building techniques that don't resul in getting burnt droped from serps?

Thank you
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Darren SharplesSystems SpecialistCommented:

I've used these in the past, it's basically a link exchange programme between sites.  I suppose it's as good a place to start as any

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Matthew NguyenSenior Associate: Social ListeningCommented:
Yes and no.  In Google's Webmaster guidelines, they do say that they forbid the act of buying links.  Though, it is a little hard to find out if money was exchanged for links.  If a site is flagged as a place that is reputable for selling links, you may get penalized.  So you can get burned but people have gotten away with it being smart to where they buy links.  I, for one, am not a fan of buying links and won't suggest that someone does it.

For ideas, there are a number of link building strategies you can do and I can write pages of ideas.  Here are some quick linkbuilding tactics that are white hate SEO:

1) Guest Blogging:  You can create content and target other websites that are similar to your own website's subject matter to see if they will post your content on their sites.  The "payment" for giving them the content is that you get a followed link back to your website.  Check out My Blog Guest, it's a great place to find places to Guest Blog to.

2) In the same sense of Guest Blogging, allow people to Guest Blog to your site.  In most cases, when people Guest Blog, they link build to their work on your site.  In essence, your guest bloggers are doing the link building for you.  You can do this by having a link for people to submit content to you, that way, you can review all the content before you post it.  This way, you only get high quality content on your site.

3) Create Top 10 lists:  Create top 10 list in your industry.  It can be "Top 10 Bloggers" or "Top 10 New Businesses."  Once you post the Top 10 list, create badges for the companies you listed and contact them, saying that they made the list.  In your email, provide them with the "Award Badge" embed code.  The code will link back to your website

4) Product/Service Reviews:  Do reviews of products and services in your industry and contact the business that you did the review.  Give them the link and offer the review to be posted on their website.  Similar to guest blogging, the payment for the review is a link back to your site.

Hope these ideas help a little bit, good luck!

garethtnashAuthor Commented:
Thank you both
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