How to kill a bad discovery search?

I made the mistake of including too many search criteria into an "All Mailboxes" discovery search.  Since I started the search yesterday msftesql.exe has been running at 80% utilization even though the search officially "timed out."  Reboot did not solve the problem.  

How do I kill this rogue search?  I'm unable to stop it via the /ecp reporting tab because as far as its concerned the search has timed out and died.
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lucid8Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Assume you are talking about Exchange 2010?  if so...

Stop-MailboxSearch -Name "DiscoveryName"
zenthemightyConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

Thanks for the reply.  I had tried that already and as far as Exchange was concerned, the search was stopped.  Problem was that it didn't tell the indexer to stop.   I tried stopping the indexing service but it wouldn't stop, so I finally set it to manual and just killed the process.   I then bounced the server gave it a couple minutes to do its thing, and then restarted the indexing service.  All appears to be well now.
Very odd...How long did you wait post STOP command?  sometimes there is a buffer and it takes time to stop, other times you have to do the brute force method you employed!  Tech is frustrating at times eh?
Delphineous SilverwingGood Ol' GeekCommented:
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