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Upgraded to Access 2003, downloaded access runtime 2003 and find I cannot distribute my apps without Access 2003 Developer Extensions. What's worse is that you don't seem to be able to buy them anywhere. Any ideas anyone? will I go to prison if MS find out I've used Version 2003 instaed of my developer and licensed version of access runtime 2002
Derek BrownMDAsked:
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Access 2002 and 2003 are both no longer available for license purchases. As with all software, it is 'obtainable', but only if you don't mind giving yourself and all your clients a bunch of viruses and of course run the risk of being caught. Prison is very unlikely, a large fine is quite the opposite. Personally, I wouldn't even consider it.

You have a couple of options:
- Upgrade to 2010, purchase the developer package and distribute your apps along with the 2010 runtime
- Upgrade to 2010 for development but keep your apps in 2002 compatible mode, you will be able to work on them in 2010 but can distribute them for use with the 2002 or 2003 runtime
- Go back to using your existing 2002 developer kit

Hope that is useful to you
Derek BrownMDAuthor Commented:
I would like to go on to 2010 but all of my security and packaging software has to change. Which I can't afford to do in terms of relearning time, and I hate the later versions with the ribbon. What makes it worse is I intend to move the whole thing to the cloud using different language (VB.Net) so it all happens at the wrong time. Thank you for your comments please reply back if you have any further suggestions. I wonder if there is any way I could find an upgrade to the whole 2002 developer suit?
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