Script or automate Exchange 2010 Personal retention tags for delete and sent

I would like to move delete items over 90days and sent items over 180days to the online archive. The problem i am facing is the policies for sent and delted don't have an optoin to move to archive so i have to use personal tags but i don't have anyway to automaticly set or to enforce the personal tags on those folders.

Does anyone know how to script setting the personal tags for sent and deleted or away to enforce the policy once it is manually configured from OWA or outlook.
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NenadicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi amwinsit,

Can I just confirm exactly what you expect from the end result?
- You would like deleted items to be archived? That sounds a little unusual, hence the request for confirmation.
- Sent Items are configured as part of the default folders, so will be set as the Retention Policy Tags.
- What is the subset of users that you would like to apply this to and what defines them - geography, department, Distribution List etc? Or, do you plan to apply these settings to everyone?

Once you confirm the first item, I will provide you with steps to create the policy.
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