How to export MS Project to PDF/JPG to show on one page

The defualt print just spreads it out across many pages and it doens't look good, is there a trick or free tool that can do that well
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On the View menu, click the view that you want to print.
On the File menu, click Page Setup, and then click the Page tab.
If you want to change the page orientation, under Orientation, click Portrait (vertical) or Landscape (horizontal).
If you want to scale the pages, under Scaling, click Adjust to, and then type the percentage at which you want information to appear on your printed pages in the % normal size box.
If you want to adjust the page fit, under Scaling, click Fit to, and then specify the number of pages that you want in the pages wide by and tall boxes.
If you want to change the paper size, click the paper size that you want in the Paper Size box.
piotrmikula108Author Commented:
piotrmikula108Author Commented:
follow up question - do you know if there is a way to not show the legend at the bottom of each page?
Bokang KelepaCommented:
Thank you. This helped!!!
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