Parse XML using LINQ

I have an XML document which has been sent via a web service which I want to parse into an Object using Linq.

My goal is to parse the XML into a LIST of <Job> objects - each jobn has a list or <Patch> objects.  My LINQ query is :-

var jobs = (from job in xDocument.Descendants("job")
select new Job()
	ID	 = int.Parse(job.Attribute("id").Value),
	Location = job.Attribute("address").Value,
	Postcode = job.Attribute("postcode").Value,
	Patches = (from patch in job.Descendants("patch")
		select new Patch()
		ID	= int.Parse(patch.Attribute("id").Value),
		Depth		= decimal.Parse(patch.Attribute("d").Value),

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This seemed to work perfectly until I realised that the 'Depth' fiield for a patch can be "" (an empty string.  This causes the query to fall over as it tries to convert an empty string to a decimal.

Is it possible to add more intelligence to the query to check for this?
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Looks good to me. Just don't forget the colon before the second expression
Postcode      = job.Attribute("postcode") == null ? "" : job.Attribute("postcode").Value

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You'll probably want to put that in a method, if you need it a lot. Something along those lines:
private string EvaluateAttribute(XAttribute att)
    return att == null ? string.Empty : att.Value;

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and call it everywhere, where you need a string from an attribute, like in
Postcode      = EvaluateAttribute(job.Attribute("postcode"))

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You can try this
Depth		= patch.Attribute("d").Value == string.Empty ? 0 : decimal.Parse(patch.Attribute("d").Value),

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This assigns 0 to Depth if patch.Attribute("d").Value is an empty string. Otherwise it will parse the value and assign that to Depth.
ChrisMDrewAuthor Commented:
Thanks - I did try something similar but used the C# syntax of putting brackets around the check - doesn't work in LINQ!  I have a similar problem when a field is not specified at all in the XML - for example in the above query sometimes XML is not specified.  Can I check for an attribute being specified in a similar way?  Maybe

Postcode      = job.Attribute("postcode") == null ? ""  job.Attribute("postcode").Value

or is there a better way?
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