asa 5510 multicast capability

We are getting a stream of data via UDP (not video) that is hitting the outside interface of our ASA 5510.  We would like to replicate this traffic to go to 2 different servers. i am thinking that there maybe a multicast solution to our issue.  

i found this article that details it on a Cisco router, but my question is can I do this using an ASA?

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NetrincAuthor Commented:
the answer is yes, it works.
I don't have a multicast stream to test with, but I would give it a go and see

Is the software on your servers multicast aware ?
NetrincAuthor Commented:
i found a neat little tool that will allow me to test this on any system. its by nortel and its called Multicast Hammer. You can test both client and server side traffic.

for the test scenario im going to setup one workstation as the server, streaming unicast UDP to the ASA.

on the inside i'll have a workstation setup as a client, awaiting the multicast traffic.
NetrincAuthor Commented:
tested it out in the lab and it worked.
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