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Cisco 4510R-E slot capacity

I am looking for some deeper detail on slot capacity inside the 4510R-E with a Supervisor 6e, centered around the differences between classic and "E" series line card use.

Cisco states the following for E and Classic line cards:

24 gigabits per-slot capacity
Bandwidth is allocated across eight 6-port groups, providing 3 Gbps per port group (2:1)

6 gigabits per-slot capacity
Bandwidth is allocated across six 8-port groups, providing 1 Gbps per port group

I am trying to determine 2 things:

1. For the X# of port groups, providing X# Gbps per port group;
 How do you determine which actual ports on the line card participate in which "port group"? It seems to me based on wording, that I may want to put a heavily congested server alone in a "port group" to guarantee the X# Gbps throughput?

2. For the X# gigabits per second slot capacity;
 Is my understanding correct that this translates to say 6 or 24Gbps total output from this slot to the chassis fabric? Meaning if I had 8 1Gbps devices running full steam on a 6Gbps slot, they would oversubscribe the slot?
1 Solution
2. Correct
1. the the port-groups are pretty easy to spot, usually physically, on some linecards. Generally, the switchports are in order 1-6 = port group 1, etc. .  The port groups will share the same ASIC.
warwolfraAuthor Commented:
Awesome thanks!

Additionally, is there a way to look at the stats of a slot to see if you are hitting the limit?

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