Desktop Icons Switching Between Monitors

I have a customer that remoted into his dual monitor desktop machine from home via VPN/RDP. His desktop icons are on the right monitor, while the left is set as primary. RDP obviously forces the icons to move as it doesn't support dual monitors. However, when back in the office, each time he logs off and back into the machine it repositions the desktop icons again. Any suggestsions?
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It is a common problem, once RDP is involved. Just does damage on the profile... The scripts above using dips.exe you could create a silent logon script, to have it reset on logon.....
Don ThomsonCommented:
That would be great if he was using Windows 7 but this is the XP forum

I have been using either UltraVNC (open Source), GBridge, and  Team Viewer - both of which support dual monitors. Ultravnc requires you to open a port in the router which may be a problem but may be possible. Both Gbridge and Team Viewer work on  no open port required basis. Gbrigde is free  Team viewer is faster and is free for personal - non-commercial use. If you use teamviewer to go from one remote PC to only one other - It will work fine in the free mode. If you try to use the free version to access multiple PCs remotely - it will figure out that you are trying to use it for commercial purposes and limit you to a 5 minute session.  We purchased a commercial license for it and even at the price they charge for it - it paid for itself within a month. The support is good and allows us to do just about anyting we need to do to support about 500-700 macines in the field
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Is there a way to save the desktop icon positions and then restore them?

I use this method to keep the icon positions backed up, and easily restorable once I return after having them scrunched over from an RPD session....
Oh, and on XP, the top 1 is about the easiest...
attvaAuthor Commented:
The problem now is that since he accessed the machine utilizing RDP WITHOUT the dual monitor settings, even when he's actually on the desktop physically it still rearranges the icons each time he logs out.
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