form authentication against active directory

can anyone help  me on how I can go about creating a form authentication against active directory?? I want users to login using their active directory credentials so that I am able to identify who is logged in and once they are logged in I want users to be redirected to the school's intranet page. the login credentials should be pushed to the intranet page. the intranet page has icons to the school's web application [moodle & mahara, googleApps, microsoft outlook, and live at edu].... so I want the users to click the icon to the web application and they should be taken automatically signed into the web application.

can anyone help me on how I can achieve this?? essentitally it is SSO.
this can be in php or
I need step-by step what I need to do in order to achieve this.

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TePukeHighSchoolAuthor Commented:
awesome and thanks, will look at it and will give you feedback

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