Oracle table lock issue

In my Oracle (11gR2) database one procedure fails occasionally at the point when the procedure tries to truncate a database table.

The log shows this:
ErrorCode: -54 ErrorText: ORA-00054: resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT specified or timeout expired. Table name: myTab1 Session id: 657, Process id: 143213, Databae user: ORACLE1, Locked mode: 2.

The above content is obtained via querying the V$LOCKED_OBJECT table within the procedure exception code.
I know that the failure is because of the table lock on myTab1 . I run the procedure as the user "myUser1". I see that the lock was created by Databae user: ORACLE1 as in the log.

But there does not seem to be an user named ORACLE1 (but I am not sure, I do not have DBA access) in the database...

I am trying to find what to conclude for the log --- how that lock was created on the table. Is there a generic ORACLE1 user or so in Oracle...?

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Franck PachotCommented:
You should check where that log information comes from.
the locks can be seen from V$LOCKED_OBJECT then you should have an 'ORACLE1' user in dba_users;
You can not only trace the user, but also the machine (host) name. osusername

Check if this script is useful to find other info:

toookiAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
toookiAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
Yes that seems to be the a user when they queried on dba_users;
I found the details of the lock.
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