Exchange Server 2010 outbound mail..

Hello everyone,

Recently, I setup a new Exchange server 2010 at my organization.

I have setup rDNS and SPF records. Mail goes out to most clients, just some servers are recognizing us as SPAM and rejecting our emails.

A few examples.. rejected your message to the following e-mail addresses: gave this error:
Spam blocked see: 

Your message couldn't be delivered. Try to send it again later. If the problem continues, please contact your helpdesk.

Diagnostic information for administrators:

Generating server: ITVM02.CORP.BEITELLIGENT.COM #553 5.3.0 Spam blocked see: ##

Original message headers:

Received: from ITVM02.CORP.BEITELLIGENT.COM ([::1]) by
 ITVM02.CORP.BEITELLIGENT.COM ([::1]) with mapi id 14.01.0218.012; Wed, 12 Oct
 2011 19:21:54 -0400
From: Peter Barbosa <>
To: "Janice Stone (" <>
Subject: RE: Invoice
Thread-Topic: Invoice
Thread-Index: AcyJM/n0TZUZJ8fzS7eTbAPqbnQq0QAAbUwQ
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2011 23:21:53 +0000
Accept-Language: en-US
Content-Language: en-US
X-MS-Has-Attach: yes
x-originating-ip: []
Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
MIME-Version: 1.0

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Delivery is delayed to these recipients or groups:

Subject: RE: Questions

This message hasn't been delivered yet. Delivery will continue to be attempted.

The server will keep trying to deliver this message for the next 1 days, 19 hours and 54 minutes. You'll be notified if the message can't be delivered by that time.

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Any ideas?
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amenezes0617Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, these are probably mail servers that check the RBLs before accepting emails.
I would go through the process of getting my IP removed from that.

Do you have a dynamic IP from your ISP?

I had that issue. Most ISP's now add all of their dynamic IP's to spam lists. Nothing you can do about it except to get static IP's if thats the case.
amenezes0617Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you check the spamhaus black list? It looks like your IP might be listed there.
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barbs1Author Commented:
@mwiener1 No, it's static.. we have a block of 5 IPS.

@amenezes0617 Yes I see that, but these errors are coming from multiple servers.
chakkoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I looked at that Spamhaus error and it basically says that they are blocking a range of IP addresses (your IP is in that range) because of SPAM coming from that Range of IP addresses.

As the other people recommended, you can try to get your IP removed from the blacklist(s).  

here is the info from Spamhaus

SPD Network has allowed spammers to operate on its network for months, we're therefore advising our SBL users not to receive any more mail from this network. Spamhaus will continue to list more AS40028 prefixes until this problem is fixed.

If you're a customer of SPD Network, please address this issue with SPD.
barbs1Author Commented:
resolved well, thanks!!
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