Display issue in Dell GX780 Model

Dual monitor display issue
I have Dell Optiplex 780 Model desktop, that comes with additional display port
I have connected my inbuilt VGA port to one monitor and display port to another monitor, it works fine, the issue is if the machine is idle for more than 30 minutes, the Monitor connected through VGA port dropp off the signal and I Have to restart me machine to get it back
I have replaced the Mother board ( that's what the Dell people suggested) still no joy
any suggestion please. .thanks
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sjklein42Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like a "DPMS" issue.  Have you tried changing the "Video Off Method" in the BIOS?  See this:


You may need to dig around to find the setting in the BIOS for your PC, or it may not be there at all.

Try to make all the Power Management settings as basic (disabled) as you can.

Also, have you turned off all the power saving options in the Display control panel already?
datacomsmtAuthor Commented:
no answer
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