upgrade small business server 2003 to 2011 SBS

I run a SBS 2003 at home, runs as a file server, print server does DNS and DHCP. No Exchange. Has 5 domain users and 2 printers.
I'd like to upgrade to SBS 2011. I would reformat and install new but I'm trying to save me some time if appicable. Any suggestions or good simple links to steps invloved would be appricated

jsarinanaI.T. ManagerAsked:
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Sid_FConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I always personally prefer a wipe and fresh rebuild, it looks ok but usually when you iron out all the little issues with the migration you are usually quicker with a frsh install. Have a look at this link and best of luck
I should advice to backup all te data and install the server and restore your data back to the server.
You should manaly recreate the user accounts en the printers.
jsarinanaI.T. ManagerAuthor Commented:
Yes I would install fresh but I'm just want the practive of going through and upgrade of 2003 to 2011

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