Restore individual mailbox for exchange 2007

I know that I have to use RSG and restore my backup to it.  but do I have to restore the full backup just to get 1 mailbox restore.  The full backup is 160GB and will take a long time to restore.  I'm using backupexec 12.5 and backing up to tape.  Is there a way to restore the individual mailbox without have to restore the whole DB to RSG?

Thank you in advance.
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Do you have the Exchange option for BackupExec.  If you have the Granular Restore feature (it's an extra license for that feature) then you can restore the mailbox.  I think the granular restore doesn't work with Tape based backup though, so you need to restore the whole database to the RSG
No in order to restore mail in this way you need to restore the database which is mounted into the recovery storage group.
You have to restore the database using full backup in RSG
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The others are correct in that;

1. to get granular restore from BE you must have run a GRT backup
2. GRT backups are disk based only  and then you can archive to tape later but alas you must backup to disk first
3. So yes you have to recover to RSG first, sorry :-(

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WazzumeAuthor Commented:
so If I use GRT in BE and backup to disk. I can restore individual mailbox without having to do a full restore to RSG?  What is the step to this?

WazzumeAuthor Commented:
ok, how about this scenario.  Tell me if this is the right way or not.

Full backup using GRT is run on the weekend. (about 160GB).
differential backup (to tape) is run Mon-Fri.

need to restore an individual mailbox from Wed.

So I restore using the Full backup with GRT.
Then restore the differentials to RSG and then recover the mailbox

Is this the right way to do it?

Theoretically that should work, however GRT is a picky little SOB so I think its going to want to have its own incremental data sets because it locks all the data up into its own little wrapper, i.e. they are not native raw EDB and log files .  But best way to confirm is to try it.  Personally I wasn't that impressed with the Symantec GRT stuff but I am biased since we are a competitor :-)  
So what did you end up doing?

Thanks for the points!
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