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I've tried using it myself but their instructions below are not very clear.

http://www.yootheme.com/demo/themes/joo ... &Itemid=81

The above link tells you that you need to embed code to get the media played to work. It doesn't tell you how or where to embed this code. It also doesn't tell you if you can replace the media file with, say, a YouTube address.
Could you please tell me if I need to create an article, module or what to embed this code into, I'd really appreciate it.Thank you.
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Hey rock monsters this was neglected,
 I found some guides for you, hopefully they will give you enough to start, I believe you need to create a web server, or you can choose to imbed an image to play then use the source code of your web page , decide where you want to place it. Using tools such as NotetabPro or Expression Web,
something along those lines you have choices depending on your expertise, html 5 is very new
here's some guides
Adding video to your website using the new HTML5 video tag
rockmonstersAuthor Commented:
rockmonstersAuthor Commented:
Thanks Merete, appreciate the input.
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