Export pdf dynamic form to CSV

I'm looking for JavaScript that will allow me to export my user control values on a PDF form to a CSV file.

The attached code populates my text boxes, statically for now, but i'm looking now to output.  I'm using a program called PDFill that has it's own built in JavaScript editor and I'm setting up my livecycle environment at the moment as well.
this.getField("Dynamicaccountnum").value = 142456;
this.getField("dealeraccountnum").value = 'd125525';
this.getField("dealercode").value = 'dealer922';
this.getField("representativecode").value = 15165;
this.getField("dealername").value = 'Joe Blow';
this.getField("Representativename").value = 'Jack Jones';

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LucasMS Dynamics DeveloperAsked:
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Hugh McCurdyCommented:
I don't know if this is possible with Javascript or not.  PHP is able to make CSV files.

LucasMS Dynamics DeveloperAuthor Commented:
doesn't really tell me anything that i didn't know already
Hugh McCurdyCommented:
You could try posting the question again with the title "Can I write a CSV file using Javascript?"
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