Outlook 2010 with multiple Exchange accounts. Can I define what order the accounts appear in the folder list on the left side of Outlook?

i have a few users with Outllok 2010 that have single profiles several Exchange accounts each. They wish to define what order the mailboxes appear in the folder list on the left side of Outlook. For example, there would be Exchange accounts for jdoe@domain1.com, jdoe@domain2.com, jdoe@domain3.com.

If i wanted the to show up on the left side as:
Mailbox - jdoe@domain2.com
Mailbox - jdoe@domain3.com
Mailbox - jdoe@domain1.com

How would i do that?

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exponeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
After some "testing", I was able to just drag "Mailbox - jdoe@domain3.com" on the left side "down" or "up" and thus change the order of the mailboxes in the folder list on the left side of Outlook 2010.

You may wish to "retract" (as opposed to "expand") all subfolders, just to make it easier when you drag and drop mailboxes up and down in the left panel.
Gaurav SinghConsultantCommented:
This can't be accomplished in outlook..
You will have to do some testing. Microsoft is sorting this either alpahabetically or in order how those accounts were entered one by one. If it's alpahabetically, then you can't help it. If in order of creating, then you can remove accounts and add them in the order which you prefer.

Also, there are arrows "up" and "down" in Outllok 2010 accounts (where you create them), so you can try if they also change the order in the folder list on the left side of Outlook?
this cannot be accomplished. i did some testing
crdixonAuthor Commented:
In the mean time i was able to figure that out on my own as well.  
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