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Help with image alignment

Please forgive me, but I can't link to my site or even have the URL found on EE in a search. The website in question is at (down the left side):

s       XXXXX      
d       XXXXX      
s       XXXXX      
l       XXXXX      
a       XXXXX      
w       XXXXX      
a       XXXXX      
z       XXXXX      
dot       XXXXX      
com       XXXXX      

The four addresses at the bottom used to be text. I needed to put them in an image. So I thought I made an identical image...

When I put the image in, the addresses all lined up nicely under the grey text above it.

Then I took the image and I sliced the addresses into four .gif files.

When I put all four addresses in, they no longer line up with the grey text in the column above.

I will take ANY fix for this, even an unconventional solution.

Thank you in advance for any help!


1 Solution
Jagadishwor DulalBraces MediaCommented:
Don't understand well can post the image and what u want ?
Please refer to custom.css there is padding for <li> tag used for displaying links, however there is no padding added for the address image.. add same padding and size to the <li> tag used for images.

div#footer>ul>li {

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Christopher Raymond MendozaCommented:
Each of "grey text in the column above" is padded 22px on the left. The current css setting is something like this:

div#footer > ul > li {
    padding-left: 22px;

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To align the images to these columns try adding this to the bottom of your css file:
li.vcard img {
    padding-left: 22px;

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mellijaeAuthor Commented:
You are awesome; thank you!!!!!
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