Can anyone help me to send the installation file for international Skype?

Can anyone help me to send the installation file for international Skype?

I live in mainland China and just found out that using Skype here is all a big SCAM:

Or if you do a Google-search on skype porn

I found it out after having used the Chinese version of Skype for a long time, and getting more and more annoyed by the popup-windows from The Chinese version of Skype can be downloaded from (which though, according to reports, if full of trojans so I wouldn't visit it).

There is no way to turn these popup-ads from off in the settings so, suddenly when I'm deeply concentrated on my work (and need to have Skype on to stay in contact with my customers), there pop up porn pictures from, or pictures from a person in Shanghai who had her throat cut up and lies in blood in the subway, etc. etc. (thousands of pictures, daily updated). I just want to be able to use Skype while I concentrate on my work. It's not possible with the Chinese version of Skype.

So I wonder if anyone could upoad the installation file for the international version of Skype here? Because I didn't manage to download this installation file, even though I use a VPN (and I can access sites like Facebook and Youtube here in mainland China).
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You can get the previous skype version from here

Hope it helps
The page where you download the English International version of Skype for Windows is:

Can you Right-Click the following link and choose "Save Target As"?

It should allow you to save "SkypeSetup.exe" (current version is and the file size of the download is 957KB.

This is a Download Initialiser, NOT the full installer, but hopefully it should be able to download all the components from the correct sources.

I would suggest that you uninstall your current version of "Skype" and then run a cleanup of your registry BEFORE downloading the genuine Skype installer.

*** Instructions below are for Windows XP ***
To clean up your registry of leftover "Skype" settings, I suggest the Free version of CCleaner by Piriform:
Direct download link to installer (Right-Click > Save Target As):

First of all, go to Options > Advanced and make sure that it is set to "Show prompt to backup registry issues".  I also prefer the "Save all settings to INI file" to be enabled.

If you need to save Cookies for specific site settings, go to Options > Cookies. Select the ones to keep in the Left, and click the arrow to save them to the Right.  When cleaning cookies it will KEEP the ones you selected.

Go to the Options > Settings and set it how you want.  I just update manually, so I do not have any of the boxes selected.

Now go to the "Cleaner" function.  There are separate tabs for "Windows" and "Applications", but they will both run when you click "Analyze" or "Run Cleaner".  UNTICK ALL the boxes and then ONLY tick the ones you want to clean.  Specifically look under Applications > Internet and tick the "Skype" box.

Under the "Windows" tab I suggest that you DO NOT select "System > Windows Log Files" or any of the boxes below that.

Now go to the "Registry" function and DESELECT ALL boxes.

**** Close CCleaner and set a System Restore Point now ****

Open CCleaner again and your settings will be saved.

Open the "Cleaner" function and click "Run Cleaner", and wait until it finishes.

Now open the "Registry" function.
Select them ONE AT A TIME (ignore the "Unused File Extensions") and first click the "Scan for Issues" button and wait.
Look very carefully through the results when it finishes and select obvious registry errors, but the purpose here is to get rid of the OLD SKYPE leftovers, so concentrate on them.
When ready, click the "Fix Selected Issues" and you will be prompted to save a Backup *.REG file.  I suggest that you do so.

Close CCleaner when done.

Now open your "C:\Windows\Installer" folder.  There will be a lot of *.MSI files in there.  Move down and hang the mouse over each one looking for any that relate to Skype.  If your system doesn't show the popout "Tool Tip" showing the file details, then you will have to Right-Click and look at the Properties of each.

Delete the *.MSI file that relates to Skype.

Now go to the "C:\Windows\\Prefetch" folder.
Look for any files that begin with the file name "Skype..." and delete them.

To make absolutely sure that all program files relating to the OLD Skype are removed, delete all of the following folders if they exist.

C:\Program Files\Skype
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Skype
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Skype
C:\Documents and Settings\Bill\Application Data\Skype
C:\Documents and Settings\Bill\Application Data\skypePM
C:\Documents and Settings\Bill\Local Settings\Application Data\Skype
C:\Documents and Settings\Bill\Local Settings\Temp\*skype*.*

Open REGEDIT and look for the following registry keys:


File > Export and save each out somewhere with a useful file name, and then delete that key (ie. ONLY the keys named Skype or SkypeApps).

*** IF you are in any way unsure about using REGEDIT, then DON'T ***

You should now be ready to see if the genuine Skype installation initializer will install a genuine version of Skype.

I hope this works.

hermesalphaAuthor Commented:
I managed to get the international version of Skype to work finally, downloaded it from FileHippo:

I don't know why this worked and another download I tried for the international version didn't.

Anyway, it works now, I can use international Skype without any problems. Bill, do you think I still should follow your steps to really clean up from Skype Tom, and reinstall international Skype?
Hi hermesalpha.  Glad you got the proper Skype version to work.

My usual suggestion is don't try to fix what isn't broken, so if your current good version of Skype is running without the horrible anwanted popup ads you had with the Chinese "" version, then I would be inclined not to mess with registry and file cleaner utilities.

My only worry would be what will happen when you click the "check for updates" option in Skype and where it will look for available updates to the application.  I am not sure whether Skype uses different servers to download updates depending on your geographic location (maybe determined by current IP Address), or whether it uses the country you have set in the program, or whether the URLs to various servers are hard-coded into the program.  I cannot see any update URLs stored in the registry of my computer.

I can see that there is a LOT of information stored in some of the files that reside in sub-folders on my system here:
C:\Documents and Settings\MyProfileName\Application Data\Skype
and some of the content I can see is quite old, such as details of the people I have searched for in Skype a long while back.

If it was me doing this, I would have done the following:

1. Taken a note of all the skype names of my contacts
2. Taken a note of all my "preference" settings

3. Saved out my "avatar" images, which are usually here:
C:\Documents and Settings\YourProfileName\Application Data\Skype\Pictures

4. Saved out my custom *.wav files:
C:\Documents and Settings\YourProfileName\Application Data\Skype\Content

5. Saved out any of the received files I wanted to keep:
C:\Documents and Settings\YourProfileName\Application Data\Skype\My Skype Received Files

6. Saved out my "history" using this little standalone utility by Nir Sofer:

This program might also work, but I haven't tested it:

See these FAQ pages also:
Instant Messages FAQ 1Instant Messages FAQ 2

The following method MIGHT still work:
type    /htmlhistory   into a new chat and sent it as a message, and it MIGHT open in a new browser window for you to save.  I think the latest versions have removed this option though.

If you know how to register an ActiveX object and use a VBS file, then this supposedly works:
Needs Skype4COM
See here also.

7. After creating the backups I would have uninstalled the bad version of Skype and accepted any prompt that asked if I wanted to also delete history and settings files as well.

8. I would have then rebooted and done a manual cleanup as I detailed in my previous comment, rebooted, and run CCleaner as indicated in that comment also.

Just remember, using ANY "cleanup" progam there can be some risks, so be careful if doing so and make *.reg backups when it prompts.

9. I would then delete all "Skype" and "" related cookies.

10. Lastly I would have rebooted and reinstalled the good Skype version.

To be honest, with all the allegations about privacy with Skype in China, I might even have gone to the extremes of creating a brand new Skype user name altogether while installing the good version of Skype, and then letting my contacts know my new user name.

The issues I see are that Skype is able to store the last 30 days of instant messages on the Skype server, and that would presumably have been in China.  The last thing I would want after installing the non-Chinese version is to have it log back in there and fetch my conversations, so I would probably have told the bad version of Skype to delete chat history AFTER backing it up.

So, it's really up to you how far you wish to go with eradicating all traces of the previous Chinese version of Skype.  I would suggest that you first get it to check for updates and monitor what happens after the next update installs.  If the nasty ads return, then start again and go deeper with a cleanup.

I hope this helps.


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Thank you hermesalpha
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