Automatically CC my Outlook (or exchange) 2010 emails to an external account

Exchange 2010
Outlook 2010

I want to automatically CC all my sent items to a gmail account, is this possble in Outlook 2010 or maybe through Exchange 2010 settings so it will work from the server end.
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yes it is possible using a transport rule

1) create a contact with your gmail account
2) open EMC -> org config -> hub -> transport rules and create a new rule
3) in conditions put sent from people and specify your account
4) in action specify blind carbon copy and select the contact you created in 1
Outlook 2010 rule can be created as follows:

"File" menu =>
"Manage Rules and Alerts" button =>
"New Rule" =>
Start from a blank rule "send" =>
Next => Next (twice)
You will be asked "Apply to every message" => Yes
Tick "cc message to people" =>
Click on "people or public group" link and enter email address at the bottom (under "To")  =>
Next => Next (twice)
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