MS Office 2010 student version What is the difference

Am thinking of getting a newer version of office for a student in the family, and ive seen a 'student' version advertised which seems a lot cheaper (link below)

Office pro student

Firstly ive never used 2010, only the much older 2000 office and to be honest it does what i need so im not sure of what the real benefits of upgrading to 2010 would be, the company above doesnt answer phone calls, so cant answer questions about what the licence covers, reading other posts on here seems to show it could be installed on one laptop and one desktop, however, would 2010 run very slow on say an XP machine ? also do you have to wipe the older version of office when 2010 installs?

Is a previous version like 2007 a better idea? and would this work better on XP or an older machine?

Just wonder if the student 2010 version is somehow different to the regular version, and does it need you to input passwords or stuff or is it limited in some way?

Thoughts please ...
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wobbledConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The main difference is that the student version of MS Office 2010 is licensed to be used by Students (academic use) only.  It is the suite of products that you get as part of this that is different.

The standard Student and Home license contains

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 (Licensed for non-commercial use)


    Microsoft Word 2010
    Microsoft Excel 2010
    Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
    Microsoft OneNote 2010

There is now another version out

Microsoft Office Professional Academic 2010


    Microsoft Word 2010
    Microsoft Excel 2010
    Microsoft Outlook 2010
    Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
    Microsoft OneNote 2010
    Microsoft Access 2010
    Microsoft Publisher 2010

The major omission from the first Student pack is Outlook.  Most Windows PC's come with Outlook Express so this shouldn't be an issue.

As for upgrading from 2000 - quite simply do this as soon as possible.  Windows 2000 was built 12 years ago and made to run on differnt operating systems, it is no longer supported (hasn't been for years) and will contain unpatched vunrabilities that will not be fixed.  Also any potential updates from Microsoft to the OS could stop this application working.

Office 2010 runs fine on XP - you can get all the minimum system requirements from the office site

Hope this helps

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