setup demo for wordpress template

I want to sell WP templates and plugins. I want to setup demo site like

When check demo site, they have top panel to change theme. Where do I get this top panel? It looks like this

And I want to sell plugin too, so client is allowed to login to WP admin panel too view fuctions...etc. But I just want client to see some part of WP admin panel, they cant download or copy theme, plugin from demo site. So which plugin that you recomend for me to setup demo site?

Thank you
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mukulguptaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi ,
I have the best solution for you .
Solution 1 ) Easy but not very professional use this plugin

Solution 2) (recommended)
Install Wordpress Multisite Use this plugin (really easy )

Then you can create small mini blogs each with a separate themes which you design .

then use either of the following plugins suiting your need for the theme bar

plugin 1

plugin 2

then use wp adminize to create mini admins that have access to specific areas .
These websites just mainly use a variable at the end of address, which is basically just the name of your website PLUS a string which will change the template

Somethin like this:

most of the current CMS's including WP supports this so the Menu on top of their page is nothing more than just a dropdown list of the templates - which are in fact just a link to your website with some extra strings at the end of address.

Sounds a bit weird but hope that makes sense.

If you know html a little but - you can create that yourself. It's nothing fancy - just loads of links in a dropdown. :)

I can explain in more details if you like, but hopefully you have the idea by now =]

I would set-up several WordPress installation on your server. One for the main site, then you can install WordPress in sub-folders, one for each theme. Then just link to them using the WP_NAV MENU feature.
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auto47763476Author Commented:
Thank you :) what about the demo site for WP admin panel?
I would create a custom user account for for that purpose. You could create an account that's used for allowing potential customers to access the admin panel. I wouldn't give them much access rights, maybe use the role of Contributor.

For finer tuned control over the user account you could also try a plug-in. While it's possible to do this yourself, I would choose the Members Plugin by Justin Tadlock. I don't usually suggest plug-ins, but in this case it would be like re-inventing the wheel. Justin's plug-in is well written and gives extensive control over just about every aspect.
jeremyjared74Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I have the best solution for you .

Maybe not the best, see my response below:

Solution 1 ) Easy but not very professional use this plugin
Doesn't address the user access part of the question.

Solution 2) (recommended)
Install Wordpress Multisite Use this plugin (really easy )
No need for a plug-in here. To enable Multi-site, just open your wp-config file and add this bit of code
define( 'WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true );

Open in new window

If you enable multi-site you won't be able to switch back to regular WP without re-installing so make sure you know what your doing if it's on a live site.

Your multi-site suggestion is a definite possibility, but would need a little more detailed instructions. The same can be achieved using separate installs of WP which is basically multi-site without the headaches.
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
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