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I have imported a DXF file into the Autocad 2011, While openeing the File some of the things are not retained as the Diameter Symbol is 'O' instead ' a normal dia symbol.

syinfraSenior Deputy ManagerAsked:
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Saqib Husain, SyedEngineerCommented:
You have provided very little information to work on. I would like to ask more questions to get a better picture of your problem.

Where did you get the dxf from? Did you generate it or did you get it from somewhere. Do you have any control on the dxf file?

Has this been working correctly before?

I may be asking more questions. But if you can provide a sample file (if it is not highly classified) then this would reduce all these questions.

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did you import the AutoCAD DXF file into your current drawing or did you simply open the DXF file in a AutoCAD session?

if you imported the DXF into a drawing then there could be a problem with blocks from the imported file having the same name of the drawing you are currently in. You can either rename the blocks in your current drawing causing the conflict by using the RENAME command or change the blocks in the drawing to be imported.

If you are having problems with displaying features when just opening the DXF file then it could be a problem with the language packs installed or if fonts are currently missing. A specialized symbol might show up in one font but may not display correctly if AutoCAD tried to replace the missing font with another one found within the workstation. Upon opening the file hit the F2 key to display the AutoCAD Text Window, it should specify if a missing font was detected and what it tried to replace it with.
Tommy KinardCommented:
From the information provided so far it appears to me to be a font issue, as in a bigfont type issue maybe, or the font that "may" be substituted does not have the diameter symbol in it.

So basically I am saying the same thing as silvercorn (now that I read the last paragraph).
Saqib Husain, SyedEngineerCommented:
I wonder whether you got a solution to your problem. If so it definitely was not from me as I had requested for more information. So it is not appropriate that you select it as the accepted answer. If it was one of the other suggestions which led to your solution then please state so so that future readers may benefit from it.

And if none of the suggestions were helpful then you should have deleted the question. Merely awarding points because someone responded is not the concept of this site. The intention of this site is to build a knowledge base which could be used by others.

So please reopen this question and award points rationally.

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