Lenovo W520 resets displays after Windows Updates

I loaded Microsoft windows updates yesterday to 50 laptops approx ( all running Windows 7 - 64 bit) and a couple of users came back to complain that these updates had reset their displays to 640x480 and there laptops no longer supported their external monitor...the Updates I loaded are MS11-043,MS11-059,MS11-060,MS11-063,MS11-064,MS11-066,MS11-069,MS11-071,MS11-072,MS11-073,MS11-074

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It seems there is an update for your graphics driver...make sure they are installed not been reoffered.

Can run system readiness to fix any update issues.

If u have win7 64 bit then run this

If u have win7 32bit then run this

Reboot after running system readiness tool.

With MS everything is possible. Run system update and check if video drivers are up to date. Or you can go in computer management and rollback video drivers.
gbajeAuthor Commented:
These users were able to change the Display settings back...How do i find out what update caused the damage - I nned to exclude this update from future updates
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