HP Proliant Array Failure

I have a 5 year old HP Proliant ML350 G4 with a scsi array controller.
The server blue screened and after a reboot it reported a failed drive but then after another reboot it redected the drive and started the rebuild of the array.
It still does boot.
I booted from the Win 2k3 CD to do a repair install and it does not recognise the CD drive,, it reports it as unknown.  It does recognize the D: drive which says NTFS.
Can I recover the C: drive to do a repair install?
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If you lost more than 1 drive in your array, it's a restore now....  I suspect the RAID is on the hardware rather than a software set?

Generally, a single drive failure will result in a rebuild once the drive is replaced - but you should not reboot until it's complete.  This is because another drive failure before the first drive is rebuilt will cause a total array loss.

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