EXCEL converting text to numbers

I need a quick solution to this.
I have a large EXCEL 2010 spreadsheet imported from a pdf file which contain a large amount of numbers stored as text.
Is there a quick way to select this numeric text and turn it into numbers?
Selecting a range of cells and choosing format cells does not appear to work.
I know it can be done cell by cell but this would take forever.
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pgorodConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hhmm... it should work the way you tried.

A couple of ideas:

1. when Excel shows the error "Number stored as text", there's a menu there that you can open and specify "ignore". This can be done for many cells at a time.

2. Check if your numbers are really numbers that Excel can understand. They should have no symbols or letters. One that sometimes slips through is a "." dot instead of a "," comma for decimals. These must match what you have defined in your Windows regional options.
Did you tryed selecting all of the cells and Copy + Paste Special only Values into a new blank sheet?
CharlesOrrAuthor Commented:
Hi Pgrod
I'd missed the fact the that the menu appeared for all highlighted cells.
You can select 'convert to numbers'.
You made me look a little further so you are welcome to the points.
Thank you very much.
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