How do I get just the print driver from a 'full solution' printer install?


I have run into this type of situation a few times, and haven't found a good work-around, so I am hoping someone has some insight for me.

We have a small office, with a Windows 2008 domain, and a 2008 R2 server running the Print and Document Services Role.

We recently purchased a small HP P1606dn printer that I would like to place on the network, and have the printing managed by our print server.  However, HP seems to only package the drivers in a self-installing 'full-solution' software package (like for your typical home user).  I don't need all that other junk on my server--I just want to find the 32-bit and 64-bit driver files.  HP doesn't seem to put drivers out with systems administrators in mind, or else I am looking in the wrong area.

Fyi, I have had the same situation with some Samsung printers we installed as well... I had to install all their monitoring software just to get the driver files loaded.

Can anyone help me find the simple solution for this type of situation?
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5g6tdcv4Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Check out
I use it to download the MS only drivers....they dont include all of the crap that comes with the full installers.
Great for print servers where you don't wan t extraneous stuff running
is the actual link to the files

You can also use uni-extract (free download) to "unzip" the hp installer and then install the printer and say have disk and point to the uni-extract location
Have you tried a custom install when you install the full package and de-select the other bits?

Otherwise maybe use the HP Universal Print Driver PCL6 or something and see what you get when printing.
meelnahAuthor Commented:
This particular package didn't allow the custom install... once I kicked off the executable, it went ahead and installed their print management software along with the drivers.

I tried using the Universal Driver once, and had some issues with it, and never got around to studying it to figure out what I did wrong when I set it up.  Have you used it much?
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Universal print driver works best for vista and windows 7 to be honest.

You could try and see if there is a driver for a similar model that has none of the HP rubbish.

Maybe add the printer by IP and then when it asks you for drivers browse the disk and see if you can just pick up the driver, rather than going through the whole CD install.
meelnahAuthor Commented:
I thought of your last idea... however, we don't have the cd that came with the printer.  The software that HP puts on their support page is supposed to be the same, however it isn't in an iso or anything (just an executable) so I can't browse it.

Maybe if I can identify where the driver files are installed on the server (during the full install), I can copy them out, uninstall the rubbish, and reinstall the printer manually with just the drivers that I want?
Worth a go. Otherwise just do the full install and then ADD/Remove the rubbish using control panel?

Annoying i know
meelnahAuthor Commented:
uni-extract rocks!

I was able to use it to pull the driver files from the executable and install my printer cleanly.

Thanks to you both!
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