finding ip address

i have a device that i need to login to through a web interface
is there a tool that will let me scan it to find its ip address?
simple free tool preferred
i want to hook my workstation up to a switch.
i want to hook the device up to the same switch
run the tool
and find out the ip address of the device.
thanks a bunch
the device will respond to ping
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You can nmap available at ( and find out the hosts available in the subnet.
It will scan the network and tell the devices ip and ports as well.
So if your device runs a service on say port 80, then you can use nmap to search for devices running on port 80. This will point to your device IP.

If you know the mac address of the device you could try adding a static arp entry on your computer. Assuming you are using windows.

arp -s AB-CD-EF-GH-IJ-KL  (This being the mac address of the device.)
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Basically, you are giving the device a temporary ip address that only your computer recognized. Then once you access the device you can configure it to which ip address you want, or just stick with the ip address that you find.
If you have any DHCP server in your LAN, then if you know the MAC address of the device, you can map the IP with the MAC address.  Then it will always retain the same IP.
Alternately, you can put up a DHCP server( there are lot of free dhcp servers available in internet)  in your machine and map the IP with the mac address of the device.
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