Restoring exchange mailbox in Backup Exec 11d

We need to restore 1 mailbox from our backup exec backups. Unfortunately the client was NOT doing granular backups. Can someone give me the procedure for performing this restore? I would image we would have to create a restore group in exchange and restore the entire information store to that but I wanted to get some more details and see if there is an actual document for the process. Thank you. We are running Exchange 2003 on a 2003 server as well.
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Andy De MaesschalckConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Indeed, you need to go trough a RSG.

Here you'll find a howto to recover the database with backup exec:

It's for exchange 2007, but the recovery in backup exec is rather the same.
If you need more info on how to use RSG on exchange 2003, you'll find a white paper over here:
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