Dell Equallogic PS6000xv v.s. EMC VNX5300

Has anyone compared the Dell Equallogic PS6000xv v.s. EMC VNX5300 that could shed some light on the pros/cons and what model they decided to go with and why?
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James HConnect With a Mentor IT DirectorCommented:
I actually chose the EqualLogic 6100xv for a few reasons:

No single point of failure - hot swappable components
The ability to mix and match different/older SAN's the to same cluster (bought 4100's as well)
I liked the GUI and how easy it was to setup and manage.

Gave me the IOPS needed for virtualization project and scalability for future growth.
bergquistcompanyAuthor Commented:
Regarding your reasons can you explain a bit more on the:

- no single point of failure/hot swappable components?  The VNX is a single point of failure and can't be hot swapped?

- Can you only add the same model EMC you go with?  

This is true!

You did look at EMC?  The big seller there though I have yet to see the quote for it, but I'm told adding a tray to extend the VNX is half the cost of adding another Equallogic
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