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Scheduled Task, how to run every 30 minutes?

I cannot seem to get a task to run every 30 minutes.  I've gone into the advanced section, and told it 30 minutes, but it still wants to use the start time.

Any suggestion as to how I can accomplish a task to run every 30 minutes?
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To schedule a task that runs every N minutes
Minute Schedule Syntax
Copy Code schtasks /create /tn <TaskName> /tr <TaskRun> /sc minute [/mo {1 - 1439}] [/st <HH:MM>] [/sd <StartDate>] [/ed <EndDate>] [{/et <HH:MM> | /du <HHHH:MM>} [/k]] [/it] [/ru {[<Domain>\]<User> [/rp <Password>] | System}] [/s <Computer> [/u [<Domain>\]<User> [/p <Password>]]]Remarks
In a minute schedule, the /sc minute parameter is required. The /mo (modifier) parameter is optional and specifies the number of minutes between each run of the task. The default value for /mo is 1 (every minute). The /et (end time) and /du (duration) parameters are optional and can be used with or without the /k (end task) parameter.

To schedule a task that runs every 20 minutes
The following command schedules a security script, Sec.vbs, to run every 20 minutes. The command uses the /sc parameter to specify a minute schedule and the /mo parameter to specify an interval of 20 minutes.

Because the command does not include a starting date or time, the task starts 20 minutes after the command completes, and runs every 20 minutes thereafter whenever the system is running. Notice that the security script source file is located on a remote computer, but that the task is scheduled and executes on the local computer.

Copy Code schtasks /create /sc minute /mo 20 /tn "Security Script" /tr \\central\data\scripts\sec.vbs
Open your tasks and Click on the second tab - Triggers then highlight the task and click edit

Under advanced settings Click Repeat task every and on the drop down select 30 minutes and also do it for a duration  ... ie 12 hours and make sure it says enabled at the bottom of the screen
Remember this task will go to the start time until it is triggered and then the task will run.

Also remember on the General tab that it must be set to " Run whether users is logged on or not " and always a good idea to set it to "Run with Highest privileges"

Under the history do you get any errors?

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