LDAP search for contacts in Exchange 2003 Public Folders

I need to run an LDAP search for contacts in Exchange 2003 public folders. It's need for a desktop software UC Express for a Mitel 5000 phone system.

The best query example I found is:


but the results give all the Public Folder objects not the content of the folder.

The typical location is:

-Public Folder
--Company Folder 1
---Company Folder 1a
---Company Folder 1b
---Company Folder 1c
--Company Folder 2
---Company Folder 2a
---Company Folder 2b
---Company Folder 2c
--Company Contacts*

* this is the folder I need to query.


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You cannot do an LDAP query to locate contacts within a public folder
The public folder is an object within AD but not its content
That article is performing a search for a public folder
Nutzo247Author Commented:
Thats what I thought....Thank you for confirming.
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