Great Plains Analysis Cubes Permissions

Try to create pivot table reports and get error message:

"Cannot connect to DynamicsGPWarehouse on server xx"

However, in Management Studio, I can successfully execute a query against the DynamicsGPWarehouse  database.  Appears to be some kind of permissions problem, but I am using the sa user.  Any ideas?
T HoecherlDeveloperAsked:
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CharlWiehahnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you launching Management Studio on the server when trying to execute this code? Are you able to connect to other databases on the same server?

The reason I ask is that it sounds like TCP/IP has not been enabled under the SQL server Config Manager. (Protocols for MSSQLSERVER)
Simone BSenior E-Commerce AnalystCommented:
Do you have remote connections enabled in your surface area configuration?
T HoecherlDeveloperAuthor Commented:
We are using SQL Server 2008.  In the SQL Server properties, under Connections, the "Allow remote connections to this server" box is checked.  Is that what you mean?
Simone BSenior E-Commerce AnalystCommented:
Yup, that's the one. So that's not the problem. I'll try to think of something else.
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