Secure email applications for cell phone/mobile devices

Good morning all,

We are looking for an application or solution to securly allow users to check their business email on their personal phones. We need to allow users to check their office email on their personal phones but at the same time not allow any bugs they may download on their phone to interact with or compromise the device partnership with our Exchange environment.

What i'm looking for is any suggestions or recomendations for solutions to explore.

We are currently looking at Goodlink but i'm curious if there are other options out there.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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RadweldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
GoodLink is a great sandboxed solution but I belive this still requires the installtion of an App to the users phone, Active Sync isnt the black hole you would think it is but I dont think I would want any Tom Dick and Harry getting their mail on any old phone. Depends on your company policy, if you enforce device encryption then you are pretty much limiting the service to Windows Mobile 6.5 and IOS4. Windows Mobile 7 or Android does not entrypt the device.

what version of exchange are you using ?

if you are using 2010  you can use activesync to do what you need.
SaintsFan1Author Commented:
2007, sorry, should have mentioned that.
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Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
The only real way is webmail. Will work with any smartphone then.
SaintsFan1Author Commented:
We are ok with the need to install an app on a user's phone. In fact i prefer a more sandboxed solution. If you use the phone's native mail app then you allow any spambot or other malware installation full access to your mail services.

That is why Goodlink stood out for us. I just need to know if there are more solutions like that out there so i can explore more than one option.

RadweldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Good is the best, I wouldn't bother with any others.
SaintsFan1Author Commented:
It's looking like Goodlink is the only option. I for the life of me can't find a competitor. I need to show other options to the bossman though.
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