is and ODBC connection machine specific? or how do i run queries?

on my desktop i have created an Access 2000 database (located on a shared network folder) which has an ODBC connection to several tables in a Quickbooks file.

I can run the queries using the linked tables fine on my desktop.

however, i installed the ODBC driver on another user's desktop [he has access 2007] but when i try to run the same queries using the shared Access 2000 database I receive the error
        ODBC - connection to {QODBC OEM Driver} failed

within quickbooks i have tested the ODBC connection and the tests come back positive.

is the linked ODBC table specific to my machine so only I can run the query?


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Yes, you may check if the Name of the DSN you used and the settings are eactly the same as in your Desktop. Make sure the QODBC is created with Administration rights.

Another thing you can try is to re-link the Tables with the Linked Table Manager, and see if that resolves the problem.

Hope this helps,
Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
there are three ODBC DSN,
User DSN - a user data source that is only visible to you and can only be used on the current machine
System DSN - a system data source that is visible to all users on the machine
File DSN - this DSN can be shared by users who have the same drivers installed

so check  what DSN was used on your machine for the db you are using.
The easiest way should be just to open the file on the second system. Open access on that system and set the qODBC driver to use the QB file that is currently open.
intsupAuthor Commented:
haven't had a chance to test these out so will close question and award equal points then revisit this question when i have time to dedicate to the answer.

thanks for the input!
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