WSS 3 Library permission issue after upgradation from WSS2

We have migrated a site from wss version 2 to version 3.

http://wss2 to http://wss3

There is a document library http://wss2/mydoclib that has unique permissions.

One User has access to mydoclib and not to the site as such.

She has created a networkplace for the address http://wss2/mydoclib and it works all fine.

Post migration she expected a network place created for http://wss3/mydoclib to work just as normal. But what is happening is this network place is getting created only for the site and not for the doc. lib.

i.e Even if the user enters http://wss3/mydoclib for creating the new network place, it only gets saved as http://wss3. And this in turn is not showing anything because the user dont have permissions to the site.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
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vaderjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Two things - Check your alternate access mappings in Central Administration => Operations (under Global Configuration)

Assuming those look good, go download SharePoint Manager (
Be careful with that tool! you can really screw stuff up! infact, make sure you have all of your content and config databases backed up before doing anything.
But assuming the AAM's didnt fix it, and you have backed up, use SharePoint manager to locate the object and just look through its properties. dont change anything until you understand the hierarchy that SPM is using
sandipkhardeAuthor Commented:
Basically the internal url is the incoming url and public url is the outgoing url. This setting simply worked :-)
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