Centerline Symbol Shows as Question Mark in TEXT Objects in Land Desktop 2009

We recently switched to Land Desktop Companion 2009 from 2007 & noticed that the centerline symbol comes out as a question mark in TEXT objects…but when we convert it to MTEXT, it displays correctly.  The TEXT object appears to be using the same fonts as when it’s converted to MTEXT.  Also, when we open the same file up in LD 2007, it appears correctly even if it’s a TEXT object…even on different workstations.  Is this simply how 2009 handles these symbols?  Or is it a bug or just a setting that needs to be adjusted?
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first thing to do is to make sure all hotfitxes and service packs have been applied to the LDC 2009 as found here:

the next thing to do is check what text style is being applied to the text object in question. Once you find out the style run the command STYLE within AutoCAD. In the Text Style window that just appeared scroll through the list on the left and find your text style that you previously found. Once you select the style look to the right under the heading of "Font" and see what Font Name is currently being used for that style. See example image below

 AutoCAD LDC Text Style
blugirlAuthor Commented:
Hi Silverkorn,

It looks like the L100 style is set to use simplex.shx per the below image. Style Font
Also, I believe that I have the latest service pack (update 3) installed per the below image...but I know in the past the version number didn't always match in ABOUT.  Are you able to confirm if update 3 is indeed applied?  I have it installing with a deployment image & didn't receive an error.  I also just tried to apply the update separately & it stated that it was already installed. LDT SP
I applied the module loading hotfix & that didn't make a difference...but I didn't apply the Live Update hotfix since we don't use that feature.  I also did not apply the Solid Fill Object hotfix since this seems to only apply if you have Raster Design installed...which we do not.
you should check one of the drawings within LDD 2007 to see if the text style is also using the L100 style and the simplex.shx font.

Also there are currently 4 versions for LDD 2009 so you should apply service pack 3 found here:

and for future reference you should not post your product serial number for any Autodesk products, I will notify an administrator to have them remove the image or blur out the serial number.
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blugirlAuthor Commented:

Oh gosh!  Thanks for the heads-up!  YIKES!!!  And thanks for asking them to blur that!  I still see it there...I wonder if I should just delete the question & start again? =\

I checked in LD2007 & the L100 style is also using the simplex.shx font.

It looks like that's the SP that we're using, as well.

Even if you were to delete the question it would take a couple days for it to process.

Even though it says your using version 3 in your about box when you apply service pack 3 it should say version 4 in the about box.

could you possibly save just the text object in question within LDD 2007 and post that file here?

also how was the original centerline symbol created within LDD 2007?
blugirlAuthor Commented:
@Modalot: Thanks a ton! =)


Funny...when i try to run update 3 again, I still receive the following message stating that I'm up to date.

The center line symbol was created in LD by entering "\u+2104" in TEXT.

But another funny thing...I just checked this on a 3rd workstation running LD2009 & it shows up correctly even though it's still a TEXT object.  The 3rd workstation was setup with the same default company profile & CUI.

OK...possibly dumb question...I stripped down the DWG to only include the TEXT object, but I can't seem to attach it since DWGs aren't supported extensions.  Should I just rename the extension to something that IS accepted?
Yea just change the file extension to a supported format and see if that works.

If this problem is only happening on 1 workstation then it could be a problem with the autocad installation on that computer, especially if the 3rd service pack will not install correctly. What version of autocad LDD is the other workstation currently using?
blugirlAuthor Commented:
Sample drawing attached.

Actually, it's happening on 3 out of 4 new Windows 7 Pro x64 workstations running LDC 2009.  (We're replacing existing Windows XP workstations running LD 2007.)  They've all been installed & setup with the same deployment, service packs, profiles & CUIs.
when I opened the file the centerline symbol was displaying correctly. Another thing to try is to change the font for text style L100 to something else, like Arial and then change it back to simplex.shx.

i think the easiest solution to this problem is to convert all your TEXT objects into MTEXT as they seem to display your centerline symbols correctly.

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blugirlAuthor Commented:
I tried changing the L100 text style as you suggested...unfortunately, no luck.

Yes, it sounds like MTEXT will be the way to go.  Thanks for trying & taking the time!  Much appreciated! :)
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