Mixed Office with XP Pro & Win 7 Pro, one workstation won't network.

I have an office that uses a previous XP Pro station as the main computer, and three other workstations that are running Win 7 Pro. All machines have the same network name, all machines have users with passwords. All three Win 7 machines are configured the same and have worked for several months. All of a sudden, two of them will reconnect to the network and mapped drives on the XP machine but the third one will not no matter what I try???

I don't feel the issue is with the XP machine as the other two are doing fine, any suggestions?
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michtechAuthor Commented:
Actually I figured it out, under user rights and assignments on the Win XP Pro machine, the area of "Deny access to this computer from the network" I removed the user "Guest". Even though all computers are signing in as admin's. Doesn't make since, but after hours of research I ran into this possible solution. Everything works great now, and have no idea how guest got added or why all of a sudden it made a difference in the systems to begin with.
Virus scan, disable/uncheck  ipv6
Check the network and sharing center, what is the network designation?
Check advanced sharing settings.
Can you access shares on the other win7 systems from this workstation?
Check the security log on the XP to see whether it reports why access is being denied? You might consider enabling auditing (local policy) to see what is going on.

What is the IP the non working system get/has including netmask and what information the XP system have?
michtechAuthor Commented:
I figured it out my self and no solution was given.
The issue in this case is with the local security policy that has the setting to use Guest as the connecting user.
group policy editor MMC
computer configuration\windows settings\security settings\
There are two entries one deals with empty passwords and one deals with what credentials are used when accessing shares.
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