Best incremental and differential backups options for an off-site VPN connected drive. Acronis

I would like to use Acronis to "Populate" a NAS drive On-Site, then take to another VPN connected office. Then, each night, back up to the Remote Drive. Just the same as many On-Line storage vendors sell.
I have found, using retention rules, that an entire back up must be copied, as they oldest is (say) 5 days,.
I don;t need this for anything other than Total Loss Recovery.
What's the best way to configure Acronis Back Up and Recovery 10 so that it has 1 Full copy, then smaller ones thereafter, to cover a couple of days.?
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shahzoorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
then use the option of incremental backups over WAN
and Full Backups over LAN if its not a huge network
Define the full backups at the off peak hours, atleast it wont choke your network bandwidth
GordonRaeAuthor Commented:
Found this, pretty much answers it, I think?
Backup type
Select the backup type.
¿ Full - selected by default for all backup locations (except for Acronis Online Backup Storage).
¿ Incremental. At the first time a full backup will be created. The next backups will be incremental. Selected as the one and only backup type for Acronis Online Backup Storage.
I would recommend two folders on remote NAS
One for Daily Incremental Backup
Another for Monthly backup
Define different tasks for scheduled backups and run monthly in its respective folder.
In this way you will have a complete backup monthly and different incremental backups in main directory
GordonRaeAuthor Commented:
Full Back Ups over WAN are too large I'm afraid.  I'll one "swipe" at the full back up.
GordonRaeAuthor Commented:
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