Sharepoint Foundation configuration cannot connect to database master

I am trying to get Sharepoint Foundation on a Win 2008R2 server. The server is a domain controller. I get the error "Cannot connect to database master at SQL server at DC. The database might not exist, or the current user does not have the permission to connect to it."
So far what I could find is the firewall, which I have off, SQL server pipes are all enabled, and the administrator user is the user I am using to get this going. I downloaded and installed Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2, but there is also Microsoft SQL Server 2005 installed. I am trying to create a new farm. I have Sharepoint 2003 on a member server that I want to get rid of, but I didn't think that would screw this up.
Also in the management studio for SQL 2008R2 the administrator has dbcreator and security administrator rights. What could I have missed? Thanks!!
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KoenVostersConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First of all, it is bad practice to install SharePoint on your Domain Controller. You should use a seperate server.
Secondly, you have to make sure the firewall is off on both servers.
LunaRavenscroftAuthor Commented:
Does this mean that it just doesn't work? The firewall is not the problem.
It doesn't mean it won't work :) It's just considered not to be best practice.
You are sure that you are pointing to the correct instance?
LunaRavenscroftAuthor Commented:
I think that installing Sharepoint on a DC doesn't get a good enough install as it should so I am taking your advice and will try and get a different server to put it on.
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