I have a form with 20 input fields-textboxes and dropdownlists.
When I created the datatable, Ionly selected the essentials for display purposes; however I would like to insert in the table the other fields as well that  I did not include in creating the datatable. It is a web form . I d like to find out if I can create the database table  for all the fields but only display s few fields that I think are the must haves.
Im storing the values in a session state.
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CodeCruiserConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you choose the columns to be autocreated within a Gridview for example, it will show all columns. To only show selective columns, you would need to define all the column templates your self.

Here is an example

I am not familiar with ASP but with databases, you can store as many columns as you want and in the WEB you can chose which columns to show. This is up to you, how you design your web.

There is no such rule that would display all the columns of a table. You chose what to show or hide.

Good Luck!
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