Windows Loader Error 3

Hello everyone, I am experiencing a "Windows Loader Error 3" upon bootup.

This is in a Corporate environment. I am using a HP 8200 Elite model PC. This is happening on almost every one of these model PC's we use.

We use a fresh image on the system, which includes Windows XP Professional, Adobe Reader 9.3, Java 2.4 and a client Uniprint v4.0, as well as Office Professional 2003.

We need these revisions for our corporate EMR software. We apply Express Windows updates.

We are trying to deploy these units at our sites, but, as soon as Windows updates are finished installing, we reboot, and are INSTANTLY experiencing this error prior to seeing the Windows XP "splash" screen.

We have tried many things including different images, different users installing the image etc, with no luck.

By no luck, we can do a system restore which provides TEMPORARY relief to the issue. We reboot and it can also cause the error to temporarily disappear.

I am suspect of this being a hardware / sata issue, but the confounding thing is, we have several units in the field which are not affected.

We do suspect some sort of rogue Microsoft update, but other identical units have received matching updates and are working perfectly fine.

The bottom line is, there appears to be no commonality / common denominator in this to follow up on.

Anyone that can provide us assistance with this would be greatly apprecated.


Joe Foster
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trivalentAuthor Commented:
Actually, I believe I found the solution.

I did not want to have to resort to this, but, I went out to HP's website and saw that our BIOS 6/11 was updated to 7/11. So, I flashed it, and now have rebooted multiple times with 0 errors. So, I'm going to continue testing the system to ensure it's stable, but it looks like this is the permanent solution I'm looking for.

The only thing I can offer at this point, is that we have just started getting 8200s, and the UEFI BIOS has been causing us issues in building an image via MDT...... Not a solution I know, just subscribing to this thread so I can see how it turns out....
Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
Hello Joe, I've been searching for you and cannot find a solution for an XP based system. One W2K user had replaced NTLDR with a good one, this worked but not for another user. I also found 1 case where the issue was a graphics driver (W2K again), that user restarted with debug logging and saw the boot process halt at AGP440.sys - all found here. Maybe that case can help you debugging your issue, then again that case is on a W2K system so I'm not sure if it'll work for you.
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Another vote for possible Graphic driver. A quick look shows them using one of these videos...
Integrated Intel HD 2000/3000
ATI Radeon HD 5450 (512 MB)

Try uninstalling and hiding the KB2393802 update.


Check out the Known Issues from this page
It states
"Certain systems that have Intel HD graphics cards or AMD ATI HD graphics cards may crash after this security update is installed. Microsoft has investigated this issue in partnership with both Intel and AMD. We have identified an incompatibility between this update and certain older versions of the Intel and AMD graphics drivers. Both Intel and AMD have posted updated drivers that resolve this issue. "

trivalentAuthor Commented:
I resolved this myself.
Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
This is from the BIOS update information:

- Fixes an issue where Bitlocker could generate an error message if waking up
from the network remotely.
- Fixes a system hang caused by Windows Management Interface (WMI) queries when
booting from an EFI boot source.
- Fixes an issue where the system can sometimes hang with a gray screen when
entering Computer Setup (F10) if a PCI card with an active option ROM is

I would not have guessed this would fix your Windows Load Error #3
Interesting.  Thanks for the feedback.
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