dependable copy of a database backup..

if the facility does not have a tape backup system, and if an important 4GB database has to be backed up, and kept for a long time (the backup is 4GB, database itself is lot bigger) but the management does not want it on any of the servers but just kept safely.. what are the options..

option 1 is DVD and kept somewhere the office things secure or appropriate

but what if DVD is scratched or damaged .. some how..

any other options/thoughts?
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I would go for a flash drive. I would backup the database on a flash. Flash USB 3 drives can be found now and they are that much expensive.

Other option would be on the network, FTP server. Bandwidth here is the bottleneck. Make sure upload speed is high.

Good Luck!
If you take checked quality DVD media, put it in a DVD case, and lock it away in some place that is dry, dark and not too hot - how should the DVD get damaged or scratched? It's mainly use that damages them.

Yet the real problem is not what type of backup media to take, but how many backups you make. Personally, I should never rely on just one backup copy. It's location could burn down, get flooded or broken in, be affected by lightning and so on. Hence I'd always go for at least two different backups stored at very different places at some distance from each other.

And, of course, you could still mix DVD and flash media - both are relatively new, and we simply have no empirical data yet as to their respective life span and survivability.
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v good ideas
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