In Web Farm Framework 2.1 do I need to check Server Farm is Available for load balancing when using a hardware load balancer?

We are currently using a hardware based load balancer from Kemp Technologies called a LoadMaster and the Microsoft Web Farm Framework 2.1.
When configuring the Web Farm Framework, as I understand it, when you check the "Web Farm is avilable for load balancing" checkbox, each WebFarm server will attempt to contact a MS Application Request Routing server and place itself in the pool.  Since our hardware based balancer would be providing this function, I felt the best course of action would be to leave this feature disabled in WFF.

Can anyone provide confirmation on this?
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
it looks like that is your only choice.
skykingjwcAuthor Commented:
I agree.  I contacted the manufacturer of the LoadMaster and they said it is appropriate to leave the box unchecked.

After doing research I found that checking the box causes the WFF to look for an ARR server, unless you code up a different provider to access a 3rd party HTTP enabled balancer, and add the machines to the pool.

The LoadMaster has it's own monitoring methods and the manufacturer recommends that you use them.

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