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Problem opening a PDF after flattening within Coldfusion page

Coldfusion 8 server
PDF with form fields creaded in Acrobat X
End users on Intranet have Adobe Reader X, Win7

Here is what I am trying to achieve:
Page 1 - form to capture user data and submit to page 2
Page 2 - populates existing PDF's fields, saves to a new file and displays file.

The problem I am having is that when page 2 attempts to display the PDF file after creating it I am getting a file error: The file specified in contentTag does not exist.

Code snippet:
<!---write the form to a new file and flatten to prevent editing--->
<cfpdf action="write" source="ERF-temp.pdf" destination="#FileName#" flatten="yes"  overwrite = "true">

<!---show finished PDF for printing--->
<cfcontent file="http://vreports/admin/#FileName#">

Open in new window

I am assuming this is because it has not finished writing the file before I am trying to display it but I am not sure how to make it work. Please help.
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1 Solution
   > <cfcontent file="http://vreports/admin/#FileName#">

file should be a full physical path, for example:

    <cfcontent file="c:\coldfusion9\wwwroot\vreports\admin\someFile.pdf">

> <cfpdf action="write" source="ERF-temp.pdf" destination="#FileName#"

   It's also better to use absolute file paths instead of relative ones. You can use ExpandPath(".")
   to get the path of the current directory.
   > You can use ExpandPath(".") to get the path of the current directory

... Or convert any relative url to get the a physical path.  

        <cfset path = ExpandPath(".")>                              <== current directory
        <cfset path = ExpandPath("../")>                            <== parent folder
        <cfset path = ExpandPath("/")>                              <== web root
        <cfset path = ExpandPath("/subfolder")>               <== some subfolder beneath root

wdtechAuthor Commented:
As simple as that! Fantastic, thanks!
Welcome :)

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